Lake City Capri Theatre
Strategic Plan for the Lake City Capri Theatre

The administration, planning and staffing of the theatre is the sole responsibility of the Board of Directors. Guided by the By-Laws, Mission, Purpose/Vision Statements, and Board-approved job descriptions of the Lake City Capri Theatre, the board will make all decisions for the corporation. No individual Board member may make a binding commitment for the corporation without the express consent of a majority of its members, following the procedures of the By-Laws of the Corporation. Funding for the operations of the Capri shall be obtained by the public showing of movies and the sales of concessions. Movie showings shall be carried out every weekend under the following general guidelines.

  1. 1.  Admission to the movies shall be considerably less than 1st run movie theatres. The original board set the price at $2 per seat for all seats, regardless of age.
  2. 2.  Price of concessions shall be competitive. Every effort shall be made to keep the price under 1st run theatres.
  3. 3.  The operations of the theatre shall be run by volunteers. If volunteers can’t be obtained to perform necessary tasks, the board shall hire outside contractors to perform the functions.
  4. 4.  The fiscal policy of the Capri Theatre is as follows:
    1. a.  First priority is to pay all current bills & liabilities.
    2. b.  Second, to build and maintain a $50,000 cash reserve.
    3. c.  Third, to maintain and improve the theatre to ensure a first-class theatre of which the community can be proud.
    4. d.  Fourth, at the Board’s discretion, excess funds are to be given back to the community that created and supports its operations.

As an Iowa not-for-profit, IRS 501(c)(3) approved corporation, the board reserves the right to solicit donations. Fundraising is not part of the Capri’s “normal” operations and would only be done under “special” circumstances. The writing of grants for theatre improvement projects is acceptable, but must be approved by the board prior to submission of the grant request.